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The company was initially set up as Sona Somic Components Limited in the year 1995, a joint venture with Somic Ishikawa Inc, Japan. In 1998, Lemforder Metallwaren AG, Germany picked up an equity stake in this company and the company became Sona Somic Lemforder Components Limited (SSLCL). In 2012 after exit of Sona, ZF Friedrichshafen AG replaced Lemforder Metallwaren AG the company was further renamed Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd. (SZCPL) with an equal joint venture between Somic Ishikawa Inc, Japan & ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany. This tie-up helped to expand the footprint of company as it can now cater to both the Japanese as well as the European Customers.

Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of ball joints for steering systems and suspension components in the country. Its products are used in passenger cars, jeeps and light commercial vehicles.

Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd. has installed state of the art technology at two locations in India (Gurgaon and Chennai) as CNC machines, welding machines, inductions hardening, burnishing, hydraulic press 100T, MIG welding machines, molding machines, assembly shop and cold forging – 630T. The company is using combination of the latest technology along with a well-planned, well executed production system to manufacture products of the highest quality for existing customers as well as to target other major entrants in the automotive sector.


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